1. Before the beginning of the Festival, each participant has to register and take his/hers participant ID card.
  2. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation.
  3. The organizer has right to record (photo, audio and video) all of the Festival activities. Registered participants waive their authorization rights and agree to the general public nature of the Festival events, including the broadcasting recordings.
  4. Competitors and participants cover their own travel cost and accommodation.
  5. Participants will receive the festival’s booklet, with all necessary information, and other materials.
  6. The organizer does not take the responsibility for injuries or accidents of any kind, damage or missing personal properties of all participants and guests of the Festival.
  7. The organizer has the right to change the program and timing of the events.


  1. All concerts are free to enter.
  2. The organizer has right to change the performer(s), program, venue and timing



  1. Each passive participant has right to attend all master-classes, lectures, exhibitions, and presentations (including the D’Addario presentation).
  2. Each active participant will have  three individual lessons; each lesson lasts 45 minutes.
  3. Active participants choose 3 different professors with whom he/she wants to have lessons.
  4. If the selected professors are occupied, the organizer has right to assign another available professor.


  1. The competition is divided into 5 categories, according to the table below. Only the 5th category has a no-age limit.




Age Minutes
1st Born 2005 and younger Up to 8 minutes
2nd Born 2003 and younger Up to 12 minutes
3rd Born 2001 and younger Up to 15 minutes
4th Born 1998 and younger Up to 20 minutes
5th Born 1985 and younger 1st stage: up to 15 minutes

2nd stage: up to 25 minutes


  1. The competition is international and public.
  2. The competition in the 5th category is divided into 2 stages. All other categories are single stage competitions.
  3. Competitors in all categories will compete in alphabetical order. The competition order list will be published at the Music Academy of Sarajevo, on the first day of the Festival, April 25th 2019.
  4. Competitors are obligated to perform two or more pieces of different character and style.
  5. The competitors of all categories are obligated to play by heart.
  6. If requested by the jury, competitors are obligated to provide scores of the compositions that they perform.
  7. The „competing time“ is the entire performance of the competitor.
  8. Younger competitors are allowed to compete in a higher category.
  9. Changes to the registered program are not allowed.
  10. Competitors in the 5th category cannot play same piece in both stages of the competition.
  11. If a competitor has already won the 1st Prize of SIGF competition in his/her category, he/she can compete only in a higher category.
  12. The jury of the competition is international, appointed by the Organizing board of the Festival.
  13. Every category will have a different jury who will give points to the competitors. The jury members give points from 50 – 100.
  14. Awards for points are divided in 4 categories:
  • First Prize : 93 – 100 points
  • Second Prize : 86 – 92,99 points
  • Third Prize : 80 – 85,99 points
  • Acknowledgement : 70 – 79,99 points
  1. Member of the jury whom’s student or family member is competing is not allowed to give points.
  2. All the Award winners will receive certificates with number of points won.
  3. The organizer will give additional prizes/gift from the sponsors for the best ranked competitors. Those prizes are categorized as: Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes.
  4. A maximum 5 competitors in the 5th category, with a minimum of 88 points in the first stage can qualify for the final stage. If there are more than 5 competitors with 88 or more points,only  5 competitors with the best result qualify for the final.
  5. Competitors who have have qualified for the final stage will compete in the alphabetical order.
  6. Final points for the 5th category will be a sum of the average number of points in both categories, divided by two.
  7. The Gold Prize winner is a competitor awarded with a minimum of 93 points, and the next highest ranked competitors will be awarded with Silver and Bronze Prize.
  8. If two or more competitors have over 93 points, the Gold Prize winner is the competitor with the highest number of points, and so on.
  9. If the competitor performs longer than the allowed time, the jury or the jury secretary has right to stop the candidate.
  10. If two or more competitors have the same number of points, the advantage goes to the younger competitor.
  11. Jury decisions are final and can not be recalled.
  12. After every competition day, the official points lists will be published.
  13. Prizes and certificates will be awarded on the Final concert night.
  14. If the competitor doesn’t perform or doesn’t show up at the competition, the organizer is not obligated to return the participation fee.
  15. By applying, competitors accept the rules and terms of the competition.


Will be announced very soon! 🙂


SPECIAL AWARD “Mila Rakanović”

Sarajevo International Guitar Festival, od 2019.godine uvodi specijalno priznanje „Mila Rakanović“ koja će biti dodijeljena nastavniku ili profesoru gitare u Bosni i Hercegovini, a čiji je takmičar osvojio najviše bodova u jednoj od prve četiri kategorije SIGF  Competition. U slučaju da dva ili više takmičara imaju isti broj poena, prednost će imati nastavnik/profesor takmičara iz više kategorije.

Nagrada „Mila Rakanović“ se sastoji  iz plakete i novčane nagrade u iznosu od 200 BAM.

Ovim putem Sarajevo International Guitar Festival želi da izrazi zahvalnost i poštovanje prof. Mili Rakanović, koja je popularizirala klasičnu gitaru u Sarajevu i Bosni i Hercegovini u drugoj polovini XX vijeka, te svojim istaknutim pedagoškim radom doprinijela razvoju mnogih umjetnika i pedagoga koji su aktivni i priznati širom svijeta.


From 2019, Sarajevo International Guitar Festival will give annual special award „Mila Rakanović“ which will be given to the teacher/professor of guitar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who’s student wins the most points in one of the first four categories of the SIGF Competition. If two or more competitors have the same number of points, the advantage goes to the teacher/professor of the competitor in the higher category.

The „Mila Rakanović“ Award is a diploma and 200 BAM.

This way, Sarajevo International Guitar Festival is expressing gratitude and respect to professor Mila Rakanović, who popularized classical guitar in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the second half of the 20th century, and who helped in development of many today’s  well-known artists and pedagogues throughout the world.