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Hall of Armed Forces B&H / Dom OSBiH (Zelenih beretki 2)

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NAiRUZ - 2.4.2020. - 20:30
Nairuz is a fusion between flamenco and sufi music. It is a dialog of different music traditions which share a similar music core. With flamenco guitar adjusted to sound like an oud in combination with turkish ney and vocal which performs beautiful poetry of great sufi artists and mystic movements of flamenco dance, Nairuz presents a new music and spiritual dimensions.
PABLO MARQUEZ - 3.4.2020. - 20:30
Pablo Márquez is an Argentinean guitarist. He is known for his interpretations of historical classical works as well as his performances of Argentiean traditional music. Márquez regularly collaborates with groups such as the Ensemble Intercontemporain
EUROSTRINGS ARTISTS - 4.4.2020. - 20:30
Carlo Curatolo, Pablo Menedez, Maja Kralj, Pavel Ralev, Zsombor Sidoo
MATEUSZ KOWALSKI - 5.4.2020. - 20:30
Mateusz Kowalski is a classical guitarist born in 1995 in Koszalin, Poland. He has recently received international acclaim after winning several international competitions, including: 1st prize in the International Guitar Festival RUST, Austria (2018), 1st prize in the Joaquin Rodrigo International Guitar Competition in Olsztyn.
DANIJEL CEROVIC- 6.4.2020. - 20:30
Danijel Cerović, born in 1979 in Nikšić, is a Montenegrin classical guitarist. He lectures in guitar and chamber music at the Music Academy in Cetinje, University of Montenegro and he is a guest lecturer at the Sarajevo Music Academy.