Subota/Saturday, 11/6/2022

Sala Cvjetko Rihtman/Cvjetko Rihtman Hall


> 11.00h

Mario Eterović (Srbija): Psihološke tehnike za usavršavanje javnog nastupa i kontrola treme/ Psychological techniques for perfecting public performances and controlling performance anxiety




Luka Vlašić (Hrvatska): Ruska sedmožičana gitara/Russian Seven-String Guitar – lecture with a direct presentation on the instrument


Mario Eterović, was born in Kraljevo. He graduated from the Department of Psychology of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy in 2004, with a thesis in the field of personality psychology titled “Basic Personality Structure and Professional Interests”. Driven by an interest in counselling, between 1997 and 2004 he gains substantial practical experience as a counselling psychologist at the International Aid Network Trauma Centre, where he also finishes his training for psychological counselling, specializing in psychological support for refugees, families, children and adolescents who suffered violence, and for persons with stress-related disorders. Since 2005 he has been engaged as an associate psychologist at the Josip Slavenski music school in Belgrade. Through intense practical work with students and teachers alike, he develops an original programe for improving public performances and countering psychological issues induced by performance anxiety. Throughout the 15 years of its existence, more than 300 music school students and over 100 athletes have gone through the programe. As an expert consultant of the Institute for the Development of Education of Serbia, he participated in the work on the programe for the Psychology for Music High Schools subject. At the same time, he participates in various conceptual art projects as a multimedia author, cooperating, among others, with the composer Miroslav Savić and the Nikola Tesla Museum (Belgrade), the Museum of Applied Art (Belgrade), the Kocka Gallery (Belgrade), Festival of Short Electronic Form – KEF (Rex, Belgrade). He authored several music albums, music videos, and one documentary – From the Beginning to the End with Miroslav Savić and the Liebe & Arbeit Ensemble (2007). From 2017 onwards he has also been engaged as the creative director of the publishing house Revolucya, dedicated to the development and production of board games that support a healthy psychological development in children and families. As a coauthor of the board game Revolution: „The Key“ he received the prestigious Good Toy Award in 2019; the game was dubbed the best toy in Serbia by an expert jury of the Friends of Children of Serbia association. Since 2015 he has also maintained a private practice as counselling psychologist for various individual and family issues.


Luka Vlašić, was born in Požega,  where he finished primary and secondary music school.  He got his diploma from the Arts Academy University of Split in the class of prof. G. Listeš. He won awards in regional and state competitions as a soloist and also as a member of chamber ensembles. He attended masterclasses by the world’s most eminent guitarists: C. Cotsiolis, C. Marchione, P.  Steidl, A. Desiderio, Z. Dukić, D. Azabagić, M. Tamayo, M. Dylla etc. and lutenist H. Smith. Besides Croatia, he has also performed in Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and United Arab Emirates. Composer M. W. Houghton dedicated composition English Serenade to him which is published by the Canadian publishing house Les Productions d’OZ. While still a student, he began teaching at the Josip Hatze Music School in Split. After graduating, he went to Dubai where he taught at the Center for Musical Arts. Currently he lives in Zagreb where he is employed at the Zlatko Baloković Music School. He has taught masterclasses and conducted guitar orchestras in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. His students won awards and continued their education at music academies. By gaining possession of a rare Russian seven-string guitar, he developed an interest in the instrument and gave a series of lectures on the subject. He studies Russian seven-string guitar with Dr. O. Timofeyev.