March 9th 2019

Fun Yoga For You! Specifically designed for musicians yoga flow practice targets the neck, shoulders, upper back body, arms, wrists and hands while tapping into foundational movement from the core. Yoga is a quiet activity, where the loudest element is often one’s mind. You are encouraged to slow down, accept where we are at the moment, stay in a challenging pose for just a few more breaths, and focus on “I can” rather than “I can’t.” Looking forward to the “journey inwards” with you all.

The number of participants is limited.

SIGF Team and Astanga Yoga Sarajevo.

March 1st 2019.

Applications for the Sarajevo International Guitar Festival 2019 are now open.

The application deadline is March 25th 2019.

We wish you pleasant time and a lot of success at SIGF 2019.