NAiRUZ is dialog of different music traditions; with flamenco guitar adjusted to sound like an oud, ney and vocal which performs beautiful poetry of great Sufi artists and mystic movements of flamenco dance, Nairuz represents a mixture of deep rooted traditions with the art of being attentive to the present moment. It is an exploration of the flamenco soul with the devotion of the dervish.
NAiRUZ is formed on 2018 and performed for the first time at 22nd Jazz Fest Sarajevo (November 2018) and it was rated as a highly successful concert by the words of Francesco Martinelli, music critic for the respected New York City Jazz Record Magazine (December 2018, Issue 200 – page 51)
‘’The evening was framed by two sets with guitarist Mirza Redžepagić. The first was a duo with Israeli/Mexican contrabassist Daniel More dedicated to improvisations and classic Arabic compositions in different maqams. The second and final of the evening saw the singer Almedin Varošanin join in a brilliant combination of Sufi songs and flamenco rhythms. The last song, a Yunus Emre text set to an original melody, was especially successful.’’
On March 2019 NAiRUZ performed concerts in Mostar and Sarajevo – SARTR (Sarajevo War Theatre).

NAiRUZ are:
Mirza Redzepagic – guitar, oud
Almedin Varosanin – vocal, ney
Daniel More – double bass
Urska Centa – flamenco dance, palmas