Competition - ONLINE edition



  1. The competition is no-age limit category only.
  2. The competition is international and public.
  3. The competition is ONLINE.
  4. The competition is divided into 2 stages.
  5. 1st stage is up to 15 minutes, 2nd stage is up to 25 minutes.
  6. The competitors are obligated to send separated recordings for each stage.
  7. The competitors are obligated to send a scanned ID to verify their identity and age.
  8. The competitors will compete in alphabetical order. The competition order list will be published at the website and social media.
  9. The competitors are obligated to perform two or more pieces of different character and style.
  10. The competitors are obligated to play by heart.
  11. If requested by the jury, competitors are obligated to provide scores of the compositions that they perform.
  12. The „competing time“ is the entire performance of the competitor.
  13. Before start playing the repertoire, the competitors are required to say clearly their full name, age, program, stage, and that the video is made for the Sarajevo International Guitar Festival 2020.
  14. Changes to the registered program are not allowed.
  15. The competitors cannot play same piece in both stages of the competition.
  16. The jury of the competition is international, appointed by the Organizing board of the Festival.
  17. The jury members give points from 50 – 100.
  18. Awards for points are divided in 4 categories:
  • First Prize : 93 – 100 points
  • Second Prize : 86 – 92,99 points
  • Third Prize : 80 – 85,99 points
  • Acknowledgement : 70 – 79,99 points

19.Member of the jury whose student or family member is competing is not allowed to give points.

20. All the Award winners will receive certificates with number of points won.

21. A maximum 5 competitors, with a minimum of 88 points in the first stage can qualify for the final stage. If there are more than 5 competitors with 88 or more points, only 5 competitors with the best result qualify for the final.

22. Competitors who have qualified for the final stage will compete in the alphabetical order.

23. The final points are a sum of the average number of points in both stages, divided by two.

24. The Gold Prize winner is a competitor awarded with a minimum of 93 points, and the next highest ranked competitors will be awarded with Silver and Bronze Prize.

25. If two or more competitors have over 93 points, the Gold Prize winner is the competitor with the highest number of points, and so on.

26. If the competitor performs longer than the allowed time, the jury or the jury secretary has right to stop the candidate.

27. If two or more competitors have the same number of points, the advantage goes to the younger competitor.

28. Jury decisions are final and cannot be recalled.

29. After each stage, the official results will be published on the website and social media.

30. Prizes and certificates will be sent via e-mail.

31. By applying, competitors accept the rules and terms of the competition.

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If you dont stand for something you will fall for anything.

If you dont stand for something you will fall for anything.


No-age limit Category

- Golden Prize: EuroStrings Artist 2020/2021, Invitation for one of the next SIGF Editions
- Silver Prize: SIGF 2021 Competition and master-class participation fee
- Bronze Prize: SIGF 2021 Competition participation fee Special Prize