Antonio Rumenović, was born in 1983 in Varaždin. He finished Elementary music school and High music school in Varaždin, in class of prof. Moreno Vinceković. In 2001, he started studies on Music academy „Ino Mirković“ in Lovran in class of professor Carlo Marchione and assistant Neno Munitić. In 2005 he graduated from Academy of Music of University in Zagreb, in class of professor Istvan Romer. In 2006 he starts his postgraduate studies in Hogeschool vor Musik at Conservatiorum Maastricht in class of Carlo Marchione, and in 2008 he receives his Master degree.

As a student, in 2005 he won 3rd prize on guitar competition „Ivan Padovec“ in Zagreb, and recieved an invitation to be the guest of honor of Croatian composer Miroslav Miletić, at final concert of "Music Days of Miroslav Miletić" in Sisak. As a musician he performed in Croatia, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia. Since 2011, he is an active member of chamber ensemble „Laurum“ and „Koprivnica guitar duo“. During his studies he worked in the Elementary music school “Ivo Tijardović” in Delnice. Since 2005 until the present day he has been working in Art school „Fortunat Pintarić“ in Koprivnica.

As a music pedagogue he had much success with his students on various national and international competitions. For his achievements, he was pronounced the best teacher of the year in Town of Koprivnica, as well as received highest award issued by Education and Teacher Training Agency, a part of Institute of Education of the Republic of Croatia, for excellence in working with students in academic years of 2010/2011 and 2014/2015. Since 2011 he has been a main lecturer on „Summer guitar school Koprivnica“, with more than a 100 participants. In the last five years he has been a member of juries in various guitar competitions and is active as a lecturer and masterclass teacher. He is a member of Crotian association of guitarists and pedagogues, as well as founder and vice-president of Classical guitarists’ Association „Allegro“ Koprivnica.